Paul Strawn Riley Jackson Real Estate Homes in Olympia

Sometimes, real estate marketing needs a little... lift!


Quad Coper for Real Estate by Paul Strawn Realtor in Olympia Washington

Totten Inlet Waterfront Aerial XAircraft by Paul Strawn Riley Jackson Real Estate



Some properties require a better point of view to emphasize and express the beauty that can only be seen from a higher view. 

During my 19 year real estate career, I have stood on shaky ladders, balanced on top of my truck and climbed a few trees to get that unique, storytelling photo of a home, riverfront or lakefront property.

Enter technology with the invention of the Quad Copter! I won’t bore you with the geeky detail but my Quad Copter has proven to be a perfect, state of the art platform for aerial photography and video.


Paul Strawn Riley Jackson Real Estate Inc Quad Copter

Olympia waterfront isthmus aerial xAircraft by Paul Strawn

Paul Strawn XAircraft Aerial Olympia real estate